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Why Traffic Lights

Research suggests there is a limited number of factors humans can relate to simultaneously. When considering multiple factors, individuals prioritize or focus on a subset of factors that are most relevant or salient to them. Additionally, literature highlights the influence of noise and bias in our daily repetetive decisions. 

The Imarex solutions are designed to assist us in making more accurate and predictable decisions. 

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The Traffic Light System

The Traffic Light system incorporates predictive models that combine human behavior science, artificial intelligence, fundamental research, and machine learning to continuously improve decision-making and enhance quality.

  • By utilizing API solutions for real-time price data, the system performs intra-day calculations and forecasts for market prices.

  • Actual performance studies have confirmed that the Traffic Light methodology can lead to significant savings over time.

  • By outperforming the market average with more than 20%, the Traffic Light system offers great value to its users.

  • The system tracks its own performance based on the data entered and provides clients with access to this information.

  • Seamless integration with other systems can be achieved through API connectivity, ensuring optimal operation and efficiency.

  • The Traffic Light system offers a data-driven approach that combines behavioral science, AI, and machine learning to enhance decision-making and achieve improved outcomes.

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