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The Concept:

«Strong corporate governance, perfect timing and execution will save you 5-10$ pr. mt bunker procured»

Traffic Light is a unique and world leading decision system designed to optimize the timing of bunker procurement.

The Traffic Light system requires no software installation and no change of current procurement routines. The intuitive design makes it easy to use and the savings occurs as soon as the system is implemented, offering a unique value proposition with no investment required before savings obtained.

System Demonstration

How to get set up with IMAREX Shipping

The Imarex Traffic Lights for shipping.

Traffic Lights Shipping

Green light means bunker today and red light means wait. The color of the light is produced by the forecast relevant to the specific port and grade.

By following the colour of the light we have doumented savings of 5-10USD p/mt

bunker op.png
Bølget abstrakt bakgrunn
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